October 19 - The Case against Harry and Henrietta...

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The Case against Harry and Henrietta continued: 1. ORIGIN is different (a lab rather than a mother) 2. COMPOSITION is different (silicon chips rather than biochemical parts) In addition: 3. They are PREPROGRAMMED, therefore DETERMINED. Their behavior is PREDICTABLE 4. So they do not have FREE CHOICE or FREE WILL like we humans Lycan argues that unless Harry is being forced to do something, then he is free In addition: 5. Computers just “CRUNCH BINARY NUMBERS” 6. They lack CONSCIOUSNESS or CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE Descartes raises the issue of whether we really know what’s going inside of people, we can only tell by behavior. Lycan says that since their behavior is like ours then they have an inner consciousness too. Some people can actually process information in their blindsight (area where they can’t see anything). Ex. How many people are sitting there and they get the right answer even though they are not seeing it. Maybe Harry is blindsighted in all his visual field. No immediate sensation, if this were true, he would not be human or a person. To be a person: 1) You need intelligence complex 2) Consciousness, sensation and actual perceptions and feelings What is a PERSON or SELF? SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS (=person) (=self)
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October 19 - The Case against Harry and Henrietta...

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