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Imperfect Societies Plato believes that “democracy” is a bad society Rule of the best (aristo-cracy) PLATOS IDEAL SOCIETY (then degenerates) TIMARCHY OLIGARCHY DEMOCRACY TYRANNY TIMARCHY Rules by the auxiliaries Lose their sense of wisdom Modern states nowadays called “military dictatorships”. Another type is a society run by bureaucrats that are not elected (mostly communist countries that existed in the 20 th century) Failed state in general because the auxiliaries are not wise… courageous but not wise? Aggressiveness is a must in government, but should be controlled by the civilians (or it would turn back on the civilians in the end) Totalitarian governments are similar in that they want to completely control the citizens to the smallest and detailed extent. Govern by some principle of honor, but not entirely of wisdom. Start living in luxury for so long that they start taking away everything while everyone in society was living very poor. Would start serving only themselves and anger the citizens of society (like
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PHL301_9-26_Imperfect_Societies - 1 Imperfect Societies...

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