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10-12-06 DESCARTES’ MEDITATIONS - What is he talking about? For centuries, humans thought that the world was flat, that the Sun revolved around the earth, and some kind of supernova which doesn’t really make sense. THE PROBLEM OF KNOWLEDGE To know something You must believe it It must be true You must have adequate evidence for it KNOWLEDGE = BELIEF + TRUTH + ADEQUATE EVIDENCE A Possible Regress? MEDITATION 1 Descartes’ METHODIC DOUBT Can we doubt anything? 1. AUTHORITY? 2. OUR OWN EXPERIENCE? Are the sense trustworthy? (We’re not as keen to our sense as we think. . something about circle and doubtful) COGITO, ERGO SUM “I THINK, THEREFORE I AM” But what am I? A body? A mind? (Mind can travel out of space while a body can’t) MIND AND BODY Descartes’ DUALISM 1
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Back to the problem of KNOWLEDGE How about knowledge of things beyond our own minds? How do we know an EXTERNAL WORLD? --on CLEAR AND DISTINCT ideas ( Descartes invented vectors that we used in science)
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Unformatted text preview: --Descartes on the rainbow--Cartesian coordinates and scientific knowledge--the EVIL DEMON returns (Appeals to God in that if we think purely, he says that God is exist; also to mention that if we find out that the ruler is good and not bad, then we can fully trust this God)--Descartes’ appeal to God (belief means trust) TRUST IS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH IN WHATEVER THE DUDE IS TALKING ABOUT IN BELIEVING WHATEVER WHAT WE’RE TRYING TO BELIEVE. INDUBITABLE TRUTHS— Simply believing them entails they are true IF I believe ________, then ______ is true” Some candidates? I exist…. I think…. . (thought) I believe…. (belief) I doubt… (doubt) I feel pain… (feelings or sensations) It seems (or appears) to me that… (sense impressions) I am angry… (will) 2 I am trying (or willing) to do something… (will) I have an idea in my mind of something … (ideas or concepts) 3...
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PHL301_10-12_Descartes'_meditation - -Descartes on the...

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