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NIETZSCHEAN THEMES Nietzchean mainly criticizes Western philosophy and religion in which we have been studying in the past lectures (example in that we seem Nietzchean criticizing Judaism). We need to read Nietzchean as a philosopher as someone critiquing cherish ideals that have been held in the West for a long time. Nietzchean is very hard to handle because he’s very harsh, and he takes on more and less everything cherished in the West. Nietzchean was an expert in psychoanalysis, post-modernism, and was the father of Existenalism. When Nietzchean tackles a subject, Kane like to call it the “karate-chop” method in which he criticizes or “chop down” main points in the paragraphs of “this” and “that”. He had syphilis in his youth thus would cause his insanity during the last years of his life. His sister collected his documents during this era, and would be distorted by the Nazis for his harsh criticism. It’s distorted because although he criticizes the Nazis, he criticizes the German even more along with other ethnic and religious groups for which Kane refer to him as a “hater”. --GOD IS DEAD Nietzche felt by the 19 th century that that religion was not playing the central role in people’s lives. He believed that what killed religion in the West was our own doing in the sense of creation of modern science in which challenges religious beliefs. --BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL (At bottom) --THE WILL TO POWER What is usually concealed and hidden beyond acts is the desire of dominance, desire of control, desire of security, desire to having the truth, and the desire of superiority. The
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PHL301_11-9-06(with_audio) - NIETZSCHEAN THEMES Nietzchean...

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