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March Status Report - capacity you may want to advise any...

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INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM to: Adventure travel employees FROM: RICHARD VUONG SUBJECT: TOUR STATUS REPORT DATE: 18:01:26 The bookings to date for our upcoming specialty tours are displayed in the following table. As you  can see the new Imperial China tour is full and the Land of the Midnight Sun tour is almost full to  capacity and we are considering offering a second week on both. Because several others are also close to 
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Unformatted text preview: capacity you may want to advise any clients who are considering one of these tours to make reservations as soon as possible. Adventure Travel Tours Speciality Tours Status Report Tour Tour Jan Feb Mar Total Capaci ty The Land of the Midnight Sun 8 14 2 24 25 Costa Rica Rainforests 5 9 4 18 36 Vail Ski Mountain 2 2 4 8 15 Machu Picchu 4 8 3 15 20 Imperial China 12 6 18 18 Tanzania Safari 4 3 6 13 21...
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