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8. Rostelecom - Rostelecom Reveals All to List on Big Board...

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Rostelecom Reveals All to List on Big Board, But Can It Ever Become a Benchmark in Russia? Barron’s , March 2, 1998 A decade ago, foreign telecommunications companies often were seen as proxies for emerging stock markets. This was especially true in Mexico (Telmex) and in time became the norm in Brazil (Telebras). Subsequently, there was a glut of telecom privatizations, and portfolio managers began to rate them on a harsh, global scale, rejecting some for cold, analytical reasons. Rostelecom , which dominates Russian long-distance and international services and is upgrading its infrastructure, is a slightly different story. Potential investors in this stock first must weigh potential risks in chaotic Russia itself, which seems to be pulling out of a long economic slump. Then there are aspects of Rostelecom that were disclosed in a lengthy document that led to its February 17 listing of American depositary shares on the New York Stock Exchange.
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  • Summer '08
  • New York Stock Exchange, Big Board, telecommunications companies, Rostelecom, foreign telecommunications companies

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