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Unformatted text preview: Memory Fun Facts: World Memory Championship Memoriad First held in 1991 10 events take place over two days Records set: A single deck of cards in 34 seconds 1620 random digits in one hour 22 packs of cards in an hour 2385 binary numbers in 30 minutes. Major Approaches to Memory Huffman, 2007 How do we create memories? Encoding Storage Retrieval Encoding Types of encoding processes Automatic Processing Effortful Processing Rehearsal Next-in-line effect Sleep learning Spacing effect Serial position effect What do we encode? Semantic encoding Self-reference effect Acoustic Visual encoding encoding Imagery How do we encode? Organizationally Mnemonics Chunking Hierarchies Storage Types of Memory Sensory memory Short-term memory (Working memory) Long-term memory Huffman, 2007 Sensory Memory Sensory Memory Iconic memory Echoic memory Short-term memory Short-term Memory Magic number seven, plus or minus two Working Memory Long-term Memory Long-term Memory Implicit (procedural) memory Explicit (declarative) memory Physiology of Memory Synaptic Changes Stress hormones and Memory The brain Huffman, 2007 Retrieval Recall (fill in the blank) Recognition (multiple choice) Relearning Retrieval Cues Priming Context Effects Dj vu State-dependent memory Mood-congruent memory Forgetting Absent-mindedness Change blindness Transience Motivated Retrieval Blocking Proactive interference Retroactive interference Failure theory (tip of the tongue) Distortion Misattribution Source amnesia (source misattribution) Suggestibility Misinformation effect Discrepancy detection principle Bias belief-colored recollections Repression ...
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