History 104 Exam 2 Review

History 104 Exam 2 Review - 1. Old Regime The political and...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Old Regime The political and social system of France in the eighteenth century before the French revolution The idea of thing being done the way they were in the old days where people had no idea in say of government Significance was that it ended during the French revolution led to the birth of modern democracy 2. Estates General Convened by Louis the 16 th in 1788 because Louis XVI lacked alternatives and hadnt met since 1614 Divided up into 3 estates and there were conflicts within each state i. First estate made up of clergy ii. Second estate nobility iii. Third estate everyone else Comes together in May of 1789 but problems start immediately The role and voting rights of the third estate an issue Problems leads to the third estate to declare itself the National Assembly on June 17, 1789 which later leads to a French Constitution The significance was that the problems in the Estates General lead to the French Revolution 3. Louis XVI King of France from 1774 to 1792 One of the causes of the French Revolution because of his weak leadership and uninterested in politics Unable to understand financial problems Convenes the estates general when he runs out of ideas Attempts to flee France and prompts the Declaration of Pillnitz Actions help lead France to war against Austria and Prussia Put on trial for conspiracy and treason and executed on January 21, 1783 4. Abbe Sieyes Priest of defectors who is Scornful of nobility and thinks nobles are worthless Wrote the document titled What is the Third Estate? on May 1789 Thinks the nobles rights to vote should be abolished Thinks the third estate is the majority of France and should vote 5. Tennis Court Oath Occurred on June 20 th 1789 3 days after the National Assembly was formed Members of the Third Estate vowed to meet until they had produced a French constitution, which was a claim for the people of France to rule The significance was that they had no authority to do this and it was illegal 6. Storming of the Bastille Occurred on July 14, 1789 A form of violence when the people of Paris stormed the Bastille since the king got rid of financial advisors and used weapons A way of bread revolting They freed 7 prisoners and killed the guards The significance was that it was a straight path of destruction to Bastille and showed that Louis XVI had no power 7. Great Fear Occurred in the summer of 1789 in the countryside Name used to signify the peasants rebellion When rumors of an aristocratic plot to pay beggars and vagrants to burn crops and property turned into attacks on aristocrats, their farms, and the written records tracking peasant debts owed to the nobles Significance was that it was a form of violence where peasants throw off their feudal obligations to the nobles and Showed that Louis XVI had no power 8. Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen Written on August 26...
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History 104 Exam 2 Review - 1. Old Regime The political and...

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