Marie Antoinette Film Extra Credit Assignment

Marie Antoinette Film Extra Credit Assignment - 3/24/09...

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3/24/09 “Marie Antoinette” Film Extra Credit Assignment The film “Marie Antoinette” featuring Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette was directed brilliantly by Sophia Coppola who captured the highs and lows of Marie’s life along with Louis XVI’s. Ms. Coppola made sure to include the struggles that Marie Antoinette faced with Louis Auguste and the challenges she faced as the Queen of France despite being born and raised in Austria. She also touches on the fact that this marriage was an attempt to bring the two countries closer together. The film begins and ends with her leaving the place that she has called home for several years of her life. Marie Antoinette was a perfect example of the 18 th century lifestyle of kings and queens because she consistently partied, bought jewelry and clothes, and she attended many expensive theatrical performances. Despite being a kind and caring person, she pretty much did not have a care in the world considering she was the Queen of France and did not have to earn a living like many of the people in France. Marie was in an arranged marriage set up by her mother who was Maria Teresa. The arranged marriage caused her many problems because she had a difficult time connecting socially and even sexually with her husband. The people of France demanded an heir to the throne to keep the royal bloodline moving, but it took her several years to conceive and this angered the people of France. Marie Antoinette’s spending habits contributed to France’s debt, which caused the French people to increase their hatred toward her. This caused
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Marie Antoinette Film Extra Credit Assignment - 3/24/09...

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