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Marie Antoinette Notes - Marie Antoinette Notes Starts off...

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Marie Antoinette Notes Starts off with Marie getting pampered by a maid and her smiling Background music a rock song Marie is in bed and is woken up when maid opens the blinds Then a building in Austria the year 1768 is shown while in the background a speaker is saying friendship between Austria and France should be secured by marriage and my youngest daughter Marie should be queen of a France This lady presumably her mom says the court of France isn’t like the enemy and listen closely to ambassador Mercies counsel and all eyes will be on you Marie with her bulldog then leaves Austria heading for the midpoint in carriage with several guards and glances at Louis XVI’s photo and says comments are made do you like him and she answers kind of off and he is very France She then arrives to the midpoint and then meets and hugs the mistress of the French household and then has bid farewell to Austria and her dog and cries She is then told that she has to get rid of anything from her foreign court She is then dressed up into a green dress and looks much more older than she did before She then is presented to the current King of France and the French girls comment on her is disapproval and make a comment that she looks like a child, then she is presented to Louis Auguste and then hugs him She then arrives at Versailles and she is greeted by the higher member of the French society and is given flowers by young girls She looks in curiosity at her new home and her bedroom taking notice its magnificent artistic design She then marries Louis Auguste in front of members of the French society and is kissed on the cheek and then she signs a marriage document indicating that the marriage is official There is an after party where Marie and Louis dance and then there is a toast made in which they have many happy years together and then produce an air to the throne There is a wonderful display of fireworks signifying the marriage Louis and Marie then go to bed while everyone is watching and then the priest blesses them and then the curtains are shut signifying that they are suppose to have sex Then Marie is greeted by French women when she wakes up and some kind of dressing ceremony occurs where the highest members of French society dress her and she says that this is ridiculous and then that French women says that this is
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Marie Antoinette Notes - Marie Antoinette Notes Starts off...

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