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Marston 1 Dr. March CH116 August 31, 2009 Lab Report: Density and Graphing 1. Description of the Procedure Used a. Arrange the equipment. There should be several beakers, a graduated cylinder, and a pipet. b. Agree on the measurements that each person will take. You should choose numbers that are at fairly close and even intervals, so that your graph will clearly illustrate any relationships between the measurements. c. Take three measurements in each of the three containers (beaker, graduated cylinder, pipet*). Do this by first measuring the container without water, then with each amount of water. Then subtract the mass of the container from the total mass to get the mass of the water (mass container with water – mass container = mass of water). d. Each member of the group should have 9 measurements to contribute (21 measurements total). e. After recording all of the measurements, divide the mass of the water by the volume to find the density (we know this because of the formula d = m/v; the density of water is roughly 1 g/ml, but it varies based on the temperature and other factors). *NOTE : The proper method of using a pipet consists of first placing the glass end of the pipet into the liquid, and then squeezing the air out of the rubber end before putting it on
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CH116LabReport1Density&Graphing - Marston 1 Dr. March...

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