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Unformatted text preview: Why it is endangered ? Why it is endangered ? Habitat Loss Just like the human beings, elephants need massive amount of Since elephants need a food and water. Their main massive amount of habitat because dietaries are roots, bark, grass, of their consumption, humans have leaves, berries, seedpods, and become their direct competitors other fruits Interestingly, for living space as the growth elephants never roam far from rate of human populations rapidly water, and will travel great increased as well as forest and distances in search of it. They may savanna habitat has been drink up to 50 gal (189 l) of water a day. Moreover these water­ converted to cropland, pastureland for livestock, and loving animals may inhabit in timber for housing and fuel. desert areas using their tusks and Also the humans regard elephants trunk to dig for water under dry as disturbing neighbors because river beds. The knowledge of where elephants raid crops, and rogue to find water is handed down from elephants (aggressive male one generation to another. elephants during the breeding season) rampage throug...
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