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Unformatted text preview: t have to take more elephants from the wild for display. The Jacksonville Zoological Park [Z&A] has established a Species Survival Plan (SSP) for the African elephant. What should be done What should be done to protect Elephant ? First of all, you can support ivory bans by avoiding products made from ivory or any other part of an elephant. Also, you can take a eco­tour whereas the money from eco­ tourism can help to convince governments and individuals about the value of conserving wild animals. You can even donate or support organizations doing research on elephants and working for better conservations. Volunteering with a conservation organization in Africa is a great way to protect elephants as well by helping take care of elephants in refuges, educating local farmers about ways to prevent conflict with elephants and help with other conservation efforts. The more you get involved in conservation organizations, the more you will learn about the value of elephants. How might protecting Elephant affect the economics of human ? The so­called “elephant economies” has been the primary revenue source for some developing countries. As such countries like Kenya, Zimbabwe, had banned the trade of ivory, they had to suffer from economic problems because selling ivory was their great portion of financial source. Bibliography Kelsey,E. (1988). Our Wildlife World" Grolier Limited, New York, New York Our lovely friends are endangered! Throughout history, the elephant has been more than just largest living land animal —they had played a fairly important role in human economies, religion, and culture. roamed the entire continent of Africa, and the Asian elephant ranged from Syria to northern China and the islands of Indonesia. However, this huge populations have been reduced to groups in scattered areas south of the Sahara and in isolated patches in India, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia. As demand for ivory increases, combined with habitat loss from human settlement, the elephant populations dramatically declined in the last few decades. In 1989, when they were added to the international The African elephant once­endangered­african­elephants.html Contact Info. Genie Kang De Anza College...
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