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Ofelephantevenworse thetrunkrepresentsthenoseand

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Unformatted text preview: h villages. What are the specialized needs of Elephant Local people shoot elephants out of fear them and made the notion that may make Them vulnerable to extinction ? of elephant even worse. The trunk represents the nose and Overexploitation upper lips of elephant. The trunk of Elephant is very specialized in performing various jobs which makes Hunting has been a major it becomes the elephant’s most reason for the decline in important and versatile appendage. elephant populations. More It is as sensitive as to pick up a recently, their ivory tusks single grade of grass, and is as attracted many hunters and strong as to pull out a tree trunk accordingly, the ivory trade out of ground. Basically, they use became a serious threat to trunk as their hands. For example, elephants in the 1970s. The they use trunk to eat, threaten reasons are the sudden oil enemy, and rub or scratch their shortage caused the world economy ears. They also use trunk as to collapse, the ivory so­called snorkel when they are swimming. If “white gold” became more valuable they do not...
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