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Kimberly Roberts Chemistry 1A Son Nguyen, Sec: #410 April 22, 2009 Solubility and Spontaneity Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to determine the solubility product, K sp , for Borax (at various temperatures). In addition, we will create a Van’t Hoff plot to calculate the thermodynamic parameters for ΔH°, ΔS°, and ΔG° and then discuss the implications of the results. Methods: We weighed out approximately 30 grams of borax and placed it into a 150mL beaker and then added about 80mL of distilled water. Next, we swirled the solution for a few minutes, constantly, until the borax dissolved. We then set up a hot water bath on the hot plate for later use. We then prepared the solution to 65°C. It is crucial to make sure there are crystals present after the solution has been heated to its terminal temperature. Next we transferred 5mL of the warm solution to four respective 150 mL Erlenmeyer flasks, then add water and added 3 drops of bromescol green indicator. The bromescol indicator will aid in determining the equilibrium for the reaction, seeing that the solution changes color once it is at equilibrium. The final process is to titrate the four flasks with HCl until indicator turns green. We first set up a burette and filled it to the 0mL mark with 0.4981 M HCl and then placed one of the flasks under the pipe ending. We released the HCl drop by drop until we reached the equilibrium state and recorded the volume of HCl necessary to reach the equilibrium state. We repeated this step for the next three flasks of the solution.
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Experiment7 - Kimberly Roberts Chemistry 1A Son Nguyen...

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