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Annie Chao Alex Buenaflor Ted Jarbo Juan Manriquez Fatima Sanchez Reading Reflection #1 A) Jacobson’s article goes into great detail about the [ inclusive and exclusive framework ]—vague, what do you mean by this? of the 1790 naturalization law. What we know about the “white race” is indeed broken up into several different races. He describes the native white American first as an Anglo from England. It is Benjamin Franklin that describes a new entity in the United States, the Saxons from Germany that would soon Saxonize America before America would Anglicize them. But it is these two “racial” groups that would later be described as “native white,” civilized, and chivalric. Very vague overall. In order to separate out the white races of Europe, they are often placed into categories reinforced by phenotypes. It states that “Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians, and Swedes” are that of a “swarthy” complexion; and “the Germans also, the Saxons only accepted, who, with the English, make the principal body of white people.” However, these exceptions to the claim of whiteness would never be placed into the 1790 naturalization law that would last up until the 1940s. From this is where America’s troubles begin, as the article describes three events that changed the racial views of Whites at these times. The first described event occurs in 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, many Irish, who laid claim to the whiteness that the naturalization act would ask for, rioted in New York City due
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to the draft. It was during this time of the New York City draft riots, that the Irish would soon lose much of their whiteness and become again the racial Celtic. As the Anglo-Saxons became nervous about the Irish’s inability to be in the self-governing body of America, it was often blamed due to the Irish’s “savage” nature, or their Catholic background. Many arguments that were based on opinion describe any of these non-White races as animalistic and savage. The second described event targeted the whites of southern Europe, mainly the Dagos of Italy. It was during 1891 in New Orleans that these Italians would become the target of non- White hatred. From the murder of Police Chief Hennessy, to the lynching of the eleven Italian
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2-1 - Annie Chao Alex Buenaflor Ted Jarbo Juan Manriquez...

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