Arch and Society - Assignemnt #1

Arch and Society - Assignemnt #1 - Sean Vanderwall Trad 103...

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Sean Vanderwall Trad 103 – Architecture and Society A. M. Nequette September 6, 2006 1. The Bookend Café , located on the outside the Main Library on the Eastern side, is a great example of Exterior Space at the Building Scale . The café is on the exterior of the building, yet instead of being set apart from the main structure of the library, it is incorporated into the construction and thus it becomes part of the Main Library itself. There is also covered seating, which allows students and others to enjoy a relaxing environment of being outdoors, while also giving the café a sense of space and belonging to the structure of the library which surrounds it. 2. The Optical Sciences Center is one of the newest building additions to the UA Campus; and along with incorporating a plethora of impressive designs, it also captures a number of aesthetic properties. One of which that is the most prominent is known as an Expressed Structural System on the Interior of a Building . When entering from the lower-western entrance, the massive concrete
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Arch and Society - Assignemnt #1 - Sean Vanderwall Trad 103...

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