Homework #5 - Severe Weather Paper

Homework #5 - Severe Weather Paper - lead to landslides...

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Sean Vanderwall The Real Orange County When many people think of weather in southern California and Orange County, an image of a radiant sun and a beautiful beach comes to mind. In essence, there are a number of those days which pass there, but Orange County is still prone to some harsh weather. During the winter months of November, December, January, and February, the amount of precipitation averages around 2 – 3 inches, which isn’t very much. But with the right circumstances, and a warmer oceanic flow of moisture, Orange County can sometimes receive anywhere from 12 – 14 inches of rainfall per month leading to immense flooding in some areas, and in the hilly areas may often
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Unformatted text preview: lead to landslides, destroying many homes. During the month of June there is also the possibility of a great amount of rainfall. Many of the people in Orange County refer to the month’s phenomena as “June Gloom”. During this month, the land is beginning to warm for summer and the moisture that has been left over from the preceding winter is then lifted into the air and is shed in the form of harsh thunderstorms and often causes flooding. During the rest of the summer, temperatures can sometimes reach extremes of 100°F and over. This is much larger than the average summer temperatures and thus can often lead to fatalities from heat stroke and other heat-borne illnesses....
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