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Arch and Society - Final Exam - Essay Question - Sean...

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Sean Vanderwall Professor A.M. Nequette Trad 103 – Lecture 1 November 20, 2006 Final Exam: Essay Question How to Make a Healthy Inner City Neighborhood Low-income housing has always caused frustration when it is brought into matters involving city planning. How can one may a low-income neighborhood into a decent place to live? And what architectural elements can one use to insure the safety and functionality that its residents desire. The Death and Life of Great American Cities is a book by Jane Jacobs which discusses two different housing projects. The first project, located in Boston, Massachusetts, demonstrates the proper use of architectural planning to create a solid and healthy neighborhood. The other housing development, located in New York, New York, is an example of the lack of architectural elements to create a wholesome and functional family environment. It was through the proper implementation of local jobs, well-placed streets, the division of a neighborhood into blocks, and the special individuality of each building, the North End in Boston became much healthier than Morningside Heights in New York ever came close to reaching. The creation of jobs which are nearby its workers is crucial to having a successful low-income community. In the North End in Boston, there are a number of shops, restaurants, and other general purpose stores for the people of the city to work. All of the businesses are within walking distance, and many of the owners of these shops and stores lived on the second and third levels of the buildings, whereas their shop would be on the
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ground floor. This layout for a community keeps everyone close to each so that if an outsider was to come, the people of the town would know; not to mention, the combination of small and large industry in these shops created a diverse but fulfilling
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Arch and Society - Final Exam - Essay Question - Sean...

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