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Ailin Li, Asaki Sano, Ashley Ng Andrea Walden, Jonathan Clowes GSI: Bao Li, 2/10/2008 ES 21 Group Response Assignment #1 Titled “The One Drop Rule & the One Hate Rule”, Hollinger’s article explores the explicit irony between hypodescent racialization and anti-discrimination. Hollinger argues that the “One Drop Rule” prevails as the definitive principle on deciding who is black, solely based on one’s visual appearance. Regardless of the degree of black ancestry, one is overwhelmingly and automatically categorized as black. Whereas according to the “One Hate Rule”, to an extent as a reaction to the hypodescent, is in essence “color- blind”. It assumes that all racial groups encounter the same if not similar level of white racism suffered by the blacks, despite the tidal wave of evidence that different racial groups, in fact, do not. There are unique impediments and cannot simply be over-generalized under the umbrella of white racism. In modern context, Hollinger further claims that affirmative action, following this line of logic, does not serve the need, justice, and equality to all minorities. One of the main points in Hollinger’s readings that was also addressed in professor Robinson’s lecture
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4-1 - Ailin Li Asaki Sano Ashley Ng Andrea Walden Jonathan...

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