Syllabus - CHEM 353M(Unique 53415 Physical Chemistry I for...

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CHEM 353M (Unique: 53415) – Physical Chemistry I for Life Sciences Time and Place: Spring 2009 WEL 1.316 Mon/Wed/Fri, 1 pm-2 pm Instructor: Sang-Hyun Lim [email protected] - E-mail is the best way to contact me WEL 3.120A, 471-0872 Office hours: Mon/Tues 5-6pm or by E-mail appointment TA: Bi-Chang “David” Chen [email protected] Office hours: Cubicle B in 1 st floor, WEL Wed 5-7pm or by E-mail appointment Course Website: “Course Documents” in the Blackboard for CHEM 353M (53415) Go to and log in with your UT EID. In the list of your courses, click “ 08F PHYS CHEM I FOR LIFE SCIENCES (53415) ”. All the documents will be available in “Course Documents” – Syllabus, Notes, Problem Sets and other materials. I will announce every time I will post class materials in the announce section of the blackboard. It is your responsibility to check the blackboard for any changes of exam/HW schedules, notes or problem sets. Course Summary: This is an introductory physical chemistry course. I will cover equilibrium thermodynamics and chemical kinetics. Course Outline: 1. Introduction : Equilibrium, reversibility, ideal gas, van der Waals gas 2. Energy: Work, heat, temperature, zeroth and first laws of thermodynamics, conservation of energy, enthalpy, heat capacity, state functions 3. Entropy in terms of heat: Reversibility and equilibrium, entropy, entropy interpreted in terms of heat flow 4. The molecular basis of entropy: Statistical basis for the second law, third law, heat engines, entropy of a gas expanding 5. The concept of free energy: Helmholtz and Gibbs free energy, phase equilibrium 6. Applications of free energy concepts: Clapeyron equation, Clausius-Clapeyron equation, chemical potential, equilibrium between reactants, basic results of chemical themodynamics
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7. Ideal systems: Ideal solution, mixtures of liquids, change of freezing/boiling points,
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Syllabus - CHEM 353M(Unique 53415 Physical Chemistry I for...

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