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The University of Texas at Austin Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies Fall 2009 INTRODUCTION TO SLAVIC CIVILIZATION “The Vampire in Slavic Cultures” SLA 301 (46195), REE 302 (45685), CL 305 (33295), EUS 307 (36425) Лишь влюблённому вампиру Just for the Vampire in Love -- Пикник - Picnic Сон чудесный снится миру , The world is having a wondrous dream; Бледных улиц не узнать . The pale streets are unseen. Лишь влюбл e нному вампиру Only the vampire in love Снова будет не до сна . Will again not be able to sleep. Он ид e т походкой лунной He walks like the moon to a В дальний сад , где ночь без дна , Distant garden, where the night is deep, Где за оградою чугунной Where behind the iron gate Бродит девушка одна , A girl strolls alone, Бродит девушка одна . A girl strolls alone. Е e веки чуть открыты , Her lashes are barely open, Ветвь увядшая
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Unformatted text preview: . A willow branch is in her hands. A feverish blush , Dances on her cheeks, . Dances on her cheeks. , The sacred moment is near, , The shadow of the loving face, And in a instant all goes quiet , In their longing hearts, . In their longing hearts. ? Who are they and what do they want? . Just to drink and drink sweet poison. Until morning, having embraced tightly, . They will just stand there. . 1995 T.J. Garza 2009...
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