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09.25 - Channel/Receptor Agonist nicotine muscarine...

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9/27/09 1 Channel/Receptor Agonist Antagonist precursor acetylcholine nicotine bungarotoxin acetate + choline muscarine atropine glutamate NMDA/Glycine APV/ alcohol CNQX glutamine AMPA kainate GABA muscimol/barbs. bicuculine glutamate glycine ethanol strychnine serine nucleotides adenosine caffeine ATP Catecholamines cocaine morphine- MPTP Haldol Thorazine tyrosine dopamine epinephrine ephedrine ß blockers norepinephrine Welbutrin (ri) Pb, Hg Serotonin Buspar-Prozac Phen-Phen tryptophan Neuropeptides opiates Republicans endorphins anandamides THC Block adenosine receptors antagonistically theobromine in chocolate Catecholamines Dopamine Norepinephrine Epinephrine Indolamines ( triptamines ) Serotonin Melatonin Biogenic Amines
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9/27/09 2 Excitatory Primarily in brain stem Tyrosine loaded in vesicles by VMATs bind to G - protein coupled receptors Cleared by transporters ( Na+ ) Mono - amine oxidases Norepinephrine: Amphetamines - epinephrine/dopamine receptors in the CNS activate post - synaptic receptors
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