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Moundbuilder Cultures Adena/Hopewell Culture 500 BC to AD 400 Traded goods long distance Cultivated native plants Burial mounds and earth works (Communal graves More elaborated in Hopewell) Early Chiefdom North American Chiefdoms Mississippian Culture AD 900 to AD 1500 Qualitative change in socio-politcal Maize farming Mississippian culture New religious system Warfare cult Earth/fertility cult Ancestor worship
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Unformatted text preview: • Sociopolitical changes as driving force of the development? • Complex settlements • Palisades • Plazas and mounds • Regional capitals or “cities” (Cahokia (Illinois) Moundville (Alabama) ) • Smaller political/administrative centers • Rural homesteads Cahokia: a Mississippian City • Established : 600-800 AD • 1000AD : very complex • Burials with human sacrifices...
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