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exam2answersp2 - Chern273-ExornttZ-2 3(08 points In each...

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Unformatted text preview: Chern273-ExornttZ-2 3. (08 points) In each problem in this question write only TWO numbers in the boxes. one number “I” and one number “4.” If you write more than one “ I or more than one “."4 you will receive no credit for the answer. a. Label the least basic anion as l and the most basic anion as 4. 0 Cl Cl D C] b. Label the compound that absorbs at the lowest wavenumber in its IR compound that absorbs at the highest wavenumber as 4. (:55 03° of? we a C] D u 4. (08 points) What starting materials are needed to synthesize each compound using the indicated reaction or functional group. When more than one route is possible, give only one method. 0 Cl spectrum as l and the a. Symheslze: b. symme; /La’\/\ W" trom an amide tram an epoxide by torming a new C-C bond Starting materials needed: ...
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