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exam2answersp3 - Chem 273 Exam#2 3 5(12 points Devise a...

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Unformatted text preview: Chem 273 - Exam #2 - 3 5. (12 points) Devise a stepwise method to convert A to B using at protecting group. C?— C? TED/n5 a /\3« NF 1m IA’IZa/e. 0(42' (“‘4’ /‘\ .& TED/W5 I 0 .2) H0 73%.!9 6. (08 points) a. What carbonyl compound and Wittig reagent can be used to prepare the following alkene? If more than one route is possible give the best method only. M .G” " HERJ‘Q b Write out the steps needed to synthesize the Wittig reagent from the appropriate alkyl halide and any other needed reagents. + P65P+ EM “2- fljplf—g ’13:?!” ngpzfl ...
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