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The University of Texas at Austin BIO 325L-W Laboratory Experience in Genetics Fall 2008 Mid-Term Exam Name:_______Key A_____________ UT EID:_________ Lab Day/Time/Room:____________ Read these instructions first! Write your name on every page of this exam! The exam will be separated into several parts for grading. If your name is not on every page, some parts will be lost and you will not get credit for the whole exam. Part of your grade will be determined by your ability to correctly answer the following questions; part of your grade depends on your ability to follow instructions carefully. Please read each question carefully and do exactly what you are asked! In some cases, you are asked to label tubes or vials and place them in a specific location. If we cannot read the label or if the tube/vial is not in the correct place, you will receive no credit for that portion of the exam. Complete the entire exam in PEN . There is extra paper available to plan your answers before writing on the actual exam. If you complete the exam in pencil, there is zero chance for a re-grade. You may have one, or several, pens and a calculator with you during the exam. Phones are not allowed. There are two stations at which you must complete an activity away from your seat. Your TA will tell you when you may go to each station. The first station involves micropipetting and has a strict 5 minute time limit. Your TA will set a timer and will let you know when to begin and when to end. Please respect the time limit! You will also have 5 minutes at station 2, but you may go back to this station a second time after all students have rotated through both stations. Do not leave your seat until your TA tells you it is OK. Good luck! 1
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Name:_________________________ UT EID:_________ Lab Day/Time/Room:____________ Station 1- Micropipetting (10 pts.) This station has a 5 minute time limit. Please read these instructions now and be prepared to complete this activity when the TA tells you it is your turn. The TA will start the timer when you arrive at the station. You must sit down immediately when the timer goes off. At Station 1, there is a P-20 micropipette, a rack with microcentrifuge tubes that contain dyed water, a beaker with orange microfuge tubes, a beaker with green microfuge tubes, a Sharpie, and a rack labeled with your lab’s codes. The questions below will guide you toward labeling your tubes, pipetting certain amounts of water into each one, and placing them in the rack so they can be graded. 1. Use the Sharpie to label one orange tube and one green tube on the side and the top with your lab code. (2) 2. Transfer 5 μ L of dyed water into the orange tube. Place the orange tube in the first slot by your code in the labeled rack. (2) #2 and #3 were graded by pipetting the solution back into a tip. Points earned using a standardized system based on how close the
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MidtermA1Key - The University of Texas at Austin BIO 325L-W...

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