test 1 - Dr Reichlers Bio 325 class time Exam#3 December 5...

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Page 1 of 4 Dr. Reichler’s Bio 325 class time:_________ Print Name:_______KEY________________ _ Exam #3 December 5, 2007 Read each question carefully and don’t hesitate to ask if a question seems unclear. If possible, answer each question in the space provided, but if needed, continue on the back. If you use a drawing as part of your answer, be sure to also include a written explanation. For any inheritance problem, you must show your work to receive partial credit. These questions have specific answers, although for some, more than one answer is possible. To receive full credit you must clearly and fully answer the question being asked. The points for each question are noted in parentheses totaling 103 points. 1. You are studying three genes located on the same chromosome that occur in this order: A, B, and C. Out of 100 offspring there are 30 recombinants of A-B and 40 recombinants of B-C. How many recombinant offspring would you expect between A and C? (Show your work to receive partial credit.) (6 pts) A and C are not linked, there are 70 m.u. between them and so you would get about 50 recombinants. 2. The telomere length you began life with was based on the length of telomeres in your parents’ gametes. If someone inherited short telomeres from one of their parents, would the inheritance of short telomeres be inherited as a dominant or recessive allele? Why? (6 pts) Dominant. Cells will enter apoptosis or stop dividing when the telomeres get short. So short telomeres on one chromosome will cause the cell to stop dividing/apoptosis. 3. Brittany has inherited a non-functional p53 gene from one parent and a functional p53 from the other parent. Tiffany inherited overabundant telomerase from one parent and normal telomerase from the other parent. Who is more likely to get cancer and why? (8 pts)
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test 1 - Dr Reichlers Bio 325 class time Exam#3 December 5...

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