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Experiment 1 information - Safety Issues: 1. What happens...

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Safety Issues: 1. What happens to me if I am exposed to this chemical? 2. How do I know if I have been exposed to this chemical? 3. What do I do if I am exposed to this chemical? Last part of the pre lab report is a procedure summary. Just a brief one or two paragraph statement of the procedure. It will show whether or not you have actually read the procedure. Finish the pre lab before the lab has started. What is distillation? - Boil the liquid, and the liquid is then collected. Simple distillation is the ideal method for separating liquid from solids. If you want to dissolve salt from water, set up an apparatus and take all the salt behind. A simple distillation apparatus can be used to separate two liquids, but it takes much longer of a time to actually do it. You will always get a mixture if. It’s known as the brute force method, you can do many simple distillation, not just one. We can collect fractions every five mills, and we take fraction A, and do another simple distialltion on it, we collect fractions again on that. Eventually, you will get to a point where you are collecting pure liquid, it’s a slow brute force approach. It will, however, work - The better way for separation of liquids with boiling points 40-50 degrees apart is by fractional distillation. The only difference between fractional and simple is you place a column between the distillation flask and head. By placing that glass tube between the two, you can separate liquids with boiling point differences. The way it moves up is simply it boils first, then the further it goes away from heat source, it recondenses, and then most of it falls back down, BUT some of the condensate gets revaporazied once again, and it keeps on repeating until you get 100 percent vapor. In a sense, fractional distillation is a series of simple distillation and redistill it.
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Experiment 1 information - Safety Issues: 1. What happens...

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