9-9-09 Lecture Notes

9-9-09 Lecture Notes - 9/9/09 Lecture Notes SUNY Buffalo...

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9/9/09 Lecture Notes SUNY Buffalo UGC 112 Fatih Mehment Devsirme Janissaries Tokapi Courtyards Harem Tower of Justice Suleyman Kanunu Suleymaniye Sinan Roxelana -Seige of Constantinople in 1453 -In 1204, fourth crusade-military expedition taken by western European lords designed to line their pockets and allegedly release Jerusalem and the holy land from the ottoman Muslims. -never got to Jerusalem, never got passed Constantinople, they sacked Constantinople, hung on to the city for 40-50 years - Constantinople was a highly fortified city-hard to take down. -In 1451-52, Constantinople wasn’t vastly populated anymore (15-20 thousand people) but still hard to take over. -Fatih Mehmet very devoted to taking over Constantinople, sent many troops -shows his militarism and determination -also shows the defenses of Constantinople and determination of the people -At the end of may, Fatih Mehmet took over Constantinople, sailed around the golden horn (rolled boats over massive land bridge around golden horn), directed the huge cannons he had against the city -Byzantine had Genoese (Italian) (had presence in Constantinople) troops but wasn’t enough to withstand Fatih Mehmet. Constantinople fell in May 29, 1453. -Fatih means conqueror -Mehmet arrives in the city and allows his troops to plunder some -Mehmet realizes that he is looking and his new capital and contemplated how to rebuild his new capital -the conquering sent shockwaves around western Europe and the Christian world. It is seen as a cataclysmic event that French, Italians, Germans, and northern Europeans look to. -Mehmet took several steps to rebuild his new capital -had prayers said at the Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofia) (Church of holy wisdom in Constantinople) to have it converted into a mosque -quickly erects a minaret (prayer tower) outside -over several months tries to rebuild the economic vibrancy of the city
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9-9-09 Lecture Notes - 9/9/09 Lecture Notes SUNY Buffalo...

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