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Mass Communication - MassCommunication 15:13...

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Mass Communication 15:13 Characteristics: Complex, institutional source Profit-oriented Large diverse audience o Homogenized Could create communication problems because when going from  different cultures everyone interprets different ideas and values  differently o fractured increasing fracturing of group and increasing polarization of the group New media? What is “mainstream”? Mainstream o Most people watch regularly and know about it Functions: Surveillance: gather and distribute information (traffic, weather, sports,  “watch-dog”) o Let people know what’s going on Correlation: analyze and evaluate information (pundits, editorials) o Beyond distributing information. they evaluate it for us Cultural transmission: educate and socialize citizens (children’s tv, sitcoms,  drama) Entertainment: escape, companionship Media Effects Agenda setting theory o
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Mass Communication - MassCommunication 15:13...

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