Language - language will perceive the same things...

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Language 16:25 Rule governed symbol system that allows users to generate meaning and  define reality Characteristics: o Arbitrary o Conventional We all agree on certain things o     o language both reflects realities AND influences perceptions Sapir Whorf Hypothesis 2 related concepts explain the role of language in perception o linguistic determination cannot conceive things that we have no language of o linguistic relativity if linguistic determinism is true then  people who speak different 
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Unformatted text preview: language will perceive the same things differently o qualified position: language influences, but does not determine thought language influences our thought process Slang • Generate college slang examples • Categories • Functions of slang Subsystem • Phonology: meaningful sounds o Make a sound and say what it means • Semantics: system of word meanings o Dictionary • Syntactics: the way we put words together to form sentences • Pragmatics: language use in specific contexts 16:25 16:25...
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Language - language will perceive the same things...

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