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Communications Review - CommunicationsReviewTest 23:06

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Communications Review-Test 23:06 Look at her review sheet and fill it in Apply concepts  understand scenarios which does this highlight the best List means go back and read more Chapter 1 Aristotle Artistic proofs Ethos, Pathos, Logos Ethos- Credibility Pathos- Emotion Logos- Logic  Inartistic proofs Law, contracts 5 canons know them
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Plato Body and Soul Identified Rhetoric is object of the soul Cicero 5 functional activity is the same as the 5 canons essentially Corax and Tisias Corax was 3 parts Tisias added a 4th Modern Period Know 4 approaches to theory Classical, psychological, elocutionary, belletristic Chapter 2 When defining communications: Remember breadth- how broad or narrow  it is, intentionality, sender/receiver based, importance of symbols EX: Some one says everything is communications. .how can we not  communicate. What is the problem with this generalization…
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Communications Review - CommunicationsReviewTest 23:06

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