Population and Urbanization

Population and Urbanization - PopulationandUrbanization...

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Population and Urbanization 16:55 Demography The study of size, composition, growth and distribution of human populations Population pyramid A graphic representation of a population, divided into age and sex Fertility rate The number of children that the average woman bears. The worlds overall  rate is 2.8 children Crude birth rate The annual number of live births per 1000 population Crude death rate The number of deaths per 1000 population Growth rate The net change in a population after adding births, subtracting deaths, and  either adding or subtracting net migration Net migration rate The difference between number of immigrants and emigrants per 1000  population Emigrate/emigrants Leave a country to settle elsewhere Immigrant/immigrate Come into a place and take up residence Basic demographic equation Growth rate equals births minus deaths plus net migration
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Population and Urbanization - PopulationandUrbanization...

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