election strategy

election strategy - o CNN calls the election when the polls...

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Media review midterm 17:44 Make mistakes during 2000 election on who wins Florida When fox calls presidency he wins Florida, bush wins. . o Networks trying to be first to call the winner o Once one network hears they called the winner they all follow trying to call  out winner next o Competing to be the first network to tell you who won o The belief is that people will flip through channels looking for new  information, if you find ex : NBC has newer and more information, you  might watch the channel more often in the future Mistakes made Some one inputting votes in database deleted a bunch for Bush then re- inputed them Butterfly ballet o People voting for some one by mistake o EX in Palm beach a 3,000 elderly voted conservative when they thought  they were voting democratic North west part of Florida has a different time zone
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Unformatted text preview: o CNN calls the election when the polls are still going to open for 10 minutes Calls back old argument that when networks call elections early, it depresses the turnout of elections • Media have ethical responsibility to not call polls before they close Pack journalism- hundreds of journalists write stories based on the same lead • Most of media/election coverage is strategy/horserace based Political advertising • Little TV inside a TV at an angle • Stop that AD after it begins running • Write TRUE OR FALSE about the claim • Start ad again until getting to next claim then put whether its TRUE OR FALSE • EX: Governor Joe promotes tax cuts –TRUE is written on screen o Governor Joe promotes social security cuts—false written on screen 17:44 17:44...
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election strategy - o CNN calls the election when the polls...

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