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psy 310 test 1 notes - PSY 310 Chapter 1 Qualitative...

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Chapter 1 Qualitative research - a holistic approach that is conducted in a natural setting. it focuses on an entire phenomenon, subculture, or culture. The goal of this approach is to develop a complete description of the behavior of interest. Descriptive methods - research methods that do not involve the manipulation of factors or variables by the researcher. the researcher may collect data from archives and other previously recorded sources, case studies, and clinical observations. Components of the research process Problem. . Literature review. . Theoretical considerations. . Hypothesis. . Research Plan. . Conducting the Project. . Analysis of Research Findings. . Decisions in terms of past research and theory. . Preparation of the research report. . Sharing your Results: Presentation and Publication. . Finding a New Problem. theory - a formal statement of the relation among the variable or factors of interest in a particular research area. Not based on a guess about the relation about the variables. two things in common - an attempt to organize a give n body of scientific data and have an ability to point the way to new research. nonsystematic sources - when you are not looking for a research idea but find one anyway like it just fell out of the sky. inspiration - happens as a result of thinking of the research idea but it just appears when doing something else. serendipity - when you find an idea as a result of you looking for a completely different idea in the first place. everyday occurrences - daily encounters provide some of the best possibilities for research. systematic sources - thoroughly examined, carefully though-out sources for research topics. past research - read past research and gives you an idea of what to do. theory - one function of theory was to give way to new research. classroom lectures - research that comes from the result of classroom lectures from professors. qualitative research - research conducted in a natural setting that seeks to understand a complex human behavior by developing a complete narrative description of that behavior. it is an inquiry that seeks to understand social or human issues and problems. it seeks to develop an encompassing or holistic portrayal or picture of the problem or issue of interest. it forms its report with words as opposed to statistical processes. it
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psy 310 test 1 notes - PSY 310 Chapter 1 Qualitative...

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