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Browning 1 Matt Browning Erin Martin-Elston English 134 Section 32 Sequence I: Trends 12/11/06 Our Ugly Stomach What age group would you say has the worst diet and eating habits? The response can be varied, but many people would agree college students eat very poorly. Here is a good illustration, “50 percent of [college] students eat too much fat, and 70 to 80 percent eat too much saturated fat ” ( The Perils of Higher Ed). Lacking funds, time, experience, and proper selection from which to choose, they can’t avoid eating poorly. Several factors have led to appalling eating habits in America over the past decades. Students need to take initiative with their own eating habits and choose better foods to eat. At the same time, schools need to limit the unhealthy choices, and provide healthy alternatives. There has been a shift in the diet and eating habits of the American people. Earlier in this century, people ate much healthier than we do now. Fast food corporations are becoming larger and wealthier due to how much business they get from America. There was a study that showed “the prevalence of overweight among children and adolescents has doubled in the last twenty years and tripled over the past forty years,” ( Obesity & Weight Management). People are becoming more overweight, and parents are not demonstrating proper eating habits to their children. Too many parents do not have the time necessary to
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Browning 2 cook meals like they did in the past. Mothers now work for a living instead of being a stay at home mom. Instead of cooking meals, they take their children out to dinner at a restaurant or to fast food. This in turn, shows the children that it this is normal, so when they grow up they will do the same things.
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students eating habits essay - Browning 1 Matt Browning...

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