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Browning 1 Matt Browning Erin Martin-Elston English 134 Section 32 Sequence II 12/11/06 Grasping Pride “You can paint it any color as long as it’s black .” This is the motto for the Model T Ford, a car fundamental in our nation’s history. The Model T was the first car to be mass produced using an assembly line, a method that made the car an affordable and accessible machine for the nation and the world . As Americans, we don’t appreciate our nation as we ought to . We focus on the problems rather than commemorate the accomplishments and ideals of this great country. We have seen some terrible things happen to this country in the last century. In our eyes, the government has made some bad decisions and kept too many secrets, like the Vietnam War for example. Now we have a feeling of contempt and resentment towards our government, rather than the pride that we need in today’s society. The creation of the Model T and the assembly line changed the world forever. We can celebrate this by erecting a monument to this innovation. The car revolutionized the world. Transportation became easier and more convenient when the car was invented. Instead of having to use a horse and buggy, or a train, the average person could use their own car for both long and short distances. Sometimes the Model T and other early cars would break down
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Browning 2 and it would become a large hassle to the owner. It is true that cars were nowhere near as reliable as they are now, but the improvements to the world the car made far outweighed the negatives aspects it brought. When we look at how dependent we are as a nation upon cars, we should realize that America and the world are what they are today because of this great invention. Automobiles are used in every major industry. Our country relies on large trucks to transport our goods around the country. It is true that there are other forms of transportation that do this same function, like airplanes and ships, but they are used for long
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model t essay - Browning 1 Matt Browning Erin Martin-Elston...

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