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SPANISH 2002- javi Version - SPANISH 2002 / FALL 2007...

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SPANISH 2002 // FALL 2007 Instructor: Javi Lluch Class time and location: __________________________ Office: 301 Gilbert Hall Office hours: TR 9:15- 10:45 . Phone: 706-542-4129 e-mail address: . SPANISH 2002 is designed for those who have successfully completed SPANISH 2001, or those who have been advised to enter this course because of placement test scores. Required texts: Atando cabos . Rosso-O’Laughlin, González-Aguilar. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2004. Workbook/Lab Manual online for Atando Cabos . Viajes fantásticos . Second Edition. Elías Miguel Muñoz. Boston: Mc Graw Hill, 2000. Goals of SPANISH 2002 : By the end of the semester, you should be able to do the following: 1. Engage in dialogue with classmates and instructor about situations in the past, present, and future. Discuss daily activities, likes and dislikes, give advice and suggest group activities, express hope and desire as well as judgment and feelings; 2. Understand “edited” narration from the instructor, from the video or audio component, and from classmates, 3. Read authentic material from the popular press as well as a few literary pieces and understand the main points, 4. Write about a cultural text that was read or analyzed, 5. Know basic concepts of a typical Hispanic family, Hispanics in U.S.A., alternative medicine, pre- Columbian civilizations, environmental problems that face Spanish-speaking and other countries, and be able to discuss these topics within a comparative and contrastive framework. Grading Criteria: Quizzes 3 10% Compositions 2 15% Partial exams 2 20% Oral Exam 2 15% Final Exam 1 15% Lab sessions 3 5% *Oral work and oral participation daily 5% **Homework and electronic workbook daily 10% Attendance daily 5% Plus/Minus Grading: All courses will be implementing a plus/minus grading system. The grade scale is as follows: (Updated for the Department of Romance Languages on 01/24/07) 100- 93 A 4.0 79-77 C+ 2.3 92-90 A- 3.7 76-71 C 2.0 89-87 B+ 3.3 70-68 C- 1.7 86-83 B 3.0 67-60 D 1.0 82-80 B- 2.7 60-0 F 0 __________________________ * Oral work and participation is based on participation, and oral activities assigned by the instructor. Due to the nature of language acquisition, it is mandatory that you attend all classes and that you participate actively. You will
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SPANISH 2002- javi Version - SPANISH 2002 / FALL 2007...

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