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Sebastian Libuda AP Literature Unit 3 FRQ #1 In the excerpt from Lucy: A Novel, by Jamaica Kincaid, the author uses symbolism to show the importance the daffodils. Mariah uses daffodils to show Lucy the upcoming elegance of spring. Mariah also uses daffodils to show Lucy that spring brings joy and adventures. Symbolism is expressing because it can give a person meaning in life. In the excerpt, Mariah says, “Have you ever seen daffodils pushing their way up out of the ground? And when they’re in bloom and all massed together, a breeze comes along and makes them do a curtsy to the lawn stretching out in front of them. Have you ever seen that? When I see that, I feel so glad to be alive.” This quote shows that daffodils serve an importance to Mariah. She uses them as a way to bring joy. Lucy does not understand this in the beginning. Mariah wants to bring Lucy
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Unformatted text preview:happiness because of her past history. Lucy is faced with a battle inside herself. She has a past that she wants to forget and it haunts her. As stated by Lucy, Mariah's goal is to show Lucy "the magic of a spring sky". Lucy and Mariah's conflict was a result of past memories. Jamaica Kincaid uses symbolism to show Lucy that happiness can be found anywhere. In the excerpt, it says, "As soon as spring comes," and so many plans would follow that I could not see how one little spring could contain them ... that was something she really wanted to do with me, to show me the magic of a spring sky." This quote shows that Lucy's conflict with Mariah allowed Lucy tosee that the world holds more for her than she realizes. The past can be forgotten.