eval3 - of the course better 2 Homework(a Please comment on...

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Boston University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering EC505 STOCHASTIC PROCESSES Final Class Evaluation Please help me improve the course by giving me the feedback asked for below. Answers with an explanation tend to be more useful than just a “yes” or “no”. Your input will help me make corrections and adjust the direction of the remainder of the course. The listed questions are merely meant to be a guide – please feel free to use additional sheets if you feel so moved or to comment on anything you would like, and especially to come talk to me personally at any time with your concerns or questions. I appreciate your feedback. 1. Lectures/Classroom (a) How have you found the topics covered in EC505? What is not currently in the course that you wished were? What is currently in the course that you could live without? (b) Overall, how would you change the lectures of EC505? What would make the classroom part
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Unformatted text preview: of the course better? 2. Homework (a) Please comment on the homework. How can the homework be made to help you learn better? Would you like more problems? Fewer problems? (b) Were the MATLAB problems useful in helping you learn the material? Should they be dropped? Should they be split o± into a separate laboratory component? 3. Tests (a) Do you feel the Fnal was representative of the material covered in class, the homeworks, and the class texts? (b) Do you feel that the Fnal fairly captured your understanding of the material? 4. Opportunities for Interaction (a) Do you have su±cient opportunity to get your questions answered and confusions cleared up? How could I be more helpful? (b) Is the problem solving format useful? How can the interaction outside of class be improved? 5. Overall Gestalt (a) What is currently missing from the course to make it better? (b) General Comments:...
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eval3 - of the course better 2 Homework(a Please comment on...

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