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other-courses - Boston University Department of Electrical...

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Unformatted text preview: Boston University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering EC505 STOCHASTIC PROCESSES Other Stochastic Process Related Courses Signal Processing Applications EC515 EC702 EC717 EC719 EC720 BE/EC740 Digital Communication Recursive Estimation and Optimal Filtering Image Reconstruction and Restoration Statistical Pattern Recognition Digital Video Processing System Identification, Parameter Estimation Computer Engineering Applications EC534 EC725 Discrete Stochastic Models Queuing Systems Other Applications EC777 MN714 Statistical Models for Materials Science Advanced Stochastic Modeling and Simulation MA570 MA575/6 MA582 MA585 MA588 MA591 MA685 MA717 MA781 MA782 MA785 MA786 MA789 MA793 MA799 Mathematics and Statistics Stochastic Methods of Operations Research Applied Regression and Analysis of Variance I & II Mathematical Statistics Statistical Methods for Quality Control Nonparametric Statistics Introduction to Sequential Analysis Advanced Topics in Applied Statistical Analysis Functional Analysis Estimation Theory Hypothesis Testing Time Series Modeling and Forecasting Advanced Time Series Analysis Stochastic Processes Limit Theorems in Probability and Statistics Nonparametric Curve Estimation ...
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