PROJECT REPORT Final - Project Description. 1. As ESSAR has...

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Project Description. 1. 2. So this project was one the projets undertaken in Phase-1 expansion by ESSAR OIL . 3. The project awarded to Technip Kt India Ltd. Is Engineering Design of the CDU & VDU units which will increase the capacity of the ESSAR OIL REFINERY from 10.5 MMTPA to 16 MMTPA. 4. The construction for the project was carried out at the ESSAR OIL Refinery Vadinar site in India. The engineering design for this project was carried out at the design office of Technip Kt India Ltd in Noida (India). 5. The Project was awarded to Technip on April 2, 2007 and it has to be finished by August 2009, but due to economic slowdown the client deferred it to December 2009). 6. The total budget for the Design and development phase was 200crores (INR). 7. The rest construction was to be sub-contracted to the subcontractor. 8. It was a total of 1 lakh man-hour project. 9. The project is delayed because of the market slowdown and its still in execution with its Engineering almost 95% finished, 80% procurement and construction 60%. Refrences. proof of project awarded to technip. Company Background(TECHNIP Kt India Ltd) Tehnip Kt India Ltd. at glance. Company Background ESSAR OIL Refinery at glance ESSAR OIL Exact Definitions of Refinery and EPC Meaning of word EPC. Meaning of refinery. .
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Do every Project in the field need to go through exactly these phases which our project had gone through. It depends upon the client’s requirement and needs. If you are executing a LSTK (In the construction industry, LSTK combines two concepts. [The LS ( lump sum ) part refers to the payment of a fixed sum for the delivery under e.g. an EPC contract . The financial risk lies with the contractor. TK ( turn key ) specifies that the scope of work includes start-up of the facility to a level of operational status. Ultimately the scope of work will define just exactly what is needed]. [ref ] project then every project will follow these phases. Scope of the work is the main thing on which the project depends and so is with the phases of the project. Sometimes client ask only for construction management, sometimes the scope is limited only up to procurement then you need to sub-contract the construction part. What is the most important part in the Project? In every project there are certain things which need to be at the priority. 1)
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PROJECT REPORT Final - Project Description. 1. As ESSAR has...

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