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Young Innovators Engineering 32 North Chapel Street Newark, DE 19711 April 28, 2009 Michael Paul Project Coordinator The Newark Park Commission 301 DuPont Hall Newark, Delaware 19711 Subject: Preliminary Engineering Report for Improvements to the Paul Run Wetland Area Dear Michael Paul, This following report will overview the preliminary engineering designed for the Paul Run Wetlands Improvement project. We intend to increase the efficiency of the existing wetlands in the areas of shoreline erosion, sediment stabilization, as well as attract more wildlife to the area in order to answer the request of the Newark Park Commission. This report will present the problems to be addressed in the area, a technical discussion of the project elements, and finally recommendations for the Newark Park Commission to proceed. Introduction YI Engineering’s assessment of the existing Paul Run Area is that large flux loading has damaged the existing channel, which is cluttered with fallen trees and large concrete blocks. These obstructions create a narrow channel for the water to flow through Paul Run and into White Clay Creek. The narrow channel promotes high velocities, which results in poor sedimentation. By reconstructing this channel to reduce flow velocities we believe that sediment settling will be increased 20 fold. Also, by reducing the velocity of the flowing water, we
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believe that shoreline erosion will be reduced.    The current Paul Run Area is not welcoming to wildlife. The plants that struggle to survive in the existing conditions do not provide adequate protection and/or food for animals that pass by the area in search for a more suitable habitat. This long search has resulted in dwindling wildlife populations and has left Paul Run a barren, lifeless site. We share the feelings of the Newark Park Commission that something needs to be done to bring back life to Paul Run. Recommendations Young Innovators Engineering recommends the following be constructed: Bioswale to direct stormwater flows into the proposed channel New wetland area be constructed consisting of two micropools, a winding channel and low/high marshlands Duck and songbird boxes will be placed in the area in keeping with the Northern Delaware Wetland Rehabilitation Program
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Boland_ENGL410_FinalReport - Young Innovators Engineering...

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