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Michael Paul The Newark Park Commission Newark, Delaware 19711 Young Innovators Engineering 32 North Chapel Street Newark, DE 19711 4/13/2009 Subject: Response to the Newark Park Commission’s request for proposals regarding the improvements needed in the Paul Run Area Dear Michael Paul, First of all, Young Innovators Engineering would like to thank the Newark Park Commission for revising our proposal for the improvements needed to the Paul Run Area. As we understand it, our objective is to increase the functionality of the existing wetlands by twenty fold. The modifications that need to be made are in the categories of shoreline erosion, sediment stabilization, and wildlife. YI Engineering believes our young motivated engineers will impress you with their ability to assess the problems presented in this project of provide an efficient aesthetic solution. We believe constructing a bioswale that leads into a reconstructed wetland that will effectively treat 20 times the existing storm water runoff before entering the
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Unformatted text preview: neighboring White Clay Creek. Schedule: Task Duration Permits Approvals 30 Days Wetland Design 20 Days Clearing 5 Days Excavating and Hauling 5 Days Landscaping 10 Days Young Innovators will begin design and applying for permit approvals once the bid is rewarded. The project is estimated to take a total of 50 days since the design process can be done simultaneously with the permit applications. Budget: Clearing - $15,000 Excavating & Hauling - $15,000 Landscaping - $3,000 Bioswale/Wetland Design - $64,000 Permit Approval - $3,000 We are certain that Young Innovators Engineering can produce improvements to the Paul Run wetland area that will show the community that the Newark Park Commission is serious about protecting the wildlife that inhibits this wonderful town. I look forward to hearing from you in regards to this exciting project. Sincerely, Tom Boland CEO YI Engineering...
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Boland_410_Proposal - neighboring White Clay Creek Schedule...

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