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Project Add-On: Public Restrooms Part 1 Unit Pricing 1.1 Section Includes General Requirements A. Summary of Work – 0111; Summary of what will be done. B. Construction Aids – 0154; Equipment and machines used in construction. C. Vehicular Access – 0155; Temporary access for construction vehicles. D. Cleaning & Waste Management – 0174; Dumpsters and other measures used to keep and clean work site. NOTE: Work Site is located near state protected wildlife. Take care not to contaminate site. 1.2 Section Includes Earthwork A. Clearing & Grubbing – 3111; Removes plantation in project area. B. Excavation & Fill – 3123; Creates 30-cf pond for effluent. C. Grading – 3122; Creates required surface for project area. D. Erosion and Sediment Control – 3125; Prevents unwanted earthmoving. 1.3 Section Includes Utilities A. Water Utility Distribution Piping – 3311; Clean water piping. B. Sanitary Utility Sewerage Piping – 3331; Effluent piping. 1.4 Section Includes Electrical
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Boland_410_Specifications - Project Add-On: Public...

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