55398 SYLLABUS0 - WelcometoPSYCHOLOGY165(55398) Fall2009

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Welcome to PSYCHOLOGY 165 (55398) Fall 2009 Golden West College Course Catalog Description for Psychology 165   This course involves an analysis of the interconnections between psychological experiences and the structure and function of the human sexual body. Topics include growth and development, reproduction and contraception, disabilities, dysfunction and therapy, as well as differing social values attached to each of these processes. How to  Contact me Instructor: Maria Chovan E-mail : Contact me via the e-mail system within the course . I check the internal course e-mail daily and respond within 24 hours, Monday 8am thru Friday 5pm . Emails received after 5pm Friday will be answered the following week. Please do not post messages to me on the topics message board. Questions about assignments should be addressed directly to me, not a classmate. Technical Problems It is the student’s responsibility to have internet access and equipment that is reliable. Student error or student computer problems will not excuse assignments not submitted correctly or not submitted on time. No exceptions . There are times when students wait until the last minute to complete assignments and quizzes. This may cause the class site to run slower than usual. I suggest you not wait until the evening assignments/quizzes are due to start them. A slow down in the system will not be an excuse for not turning in your work on time. I recommend strongly you space out your assignments and submit them before the due date. Should you run into any technical/mechanical problems with the GWC class site, you can contact the New Media Center at: ONLINE HELP DESK: call 714-895-8389 or e-mail them at helpdesk@onlinegwc.cccd.edu , M-F, 8am – 5pm . Academic Honesty  Policy Student Conduct  Policy Academic Honesty Policy Cheating and other forms of dishonest behavior are destructive to the educational process for all students. As a result the following guidelines shall be followed: 1. Students may not submit work that is not totally their own. 2. Exams must be taken individually. 3. No submitting work that was done for another class. I have a zero tolerance policy for any student engaged in any academic dishonest behavior. A student found to be in violation of this policy will either receive an "F" on the assignment/quiz or an “F” in the course, and will be reported to the GWC Master Cheating file. Class Conduct Golden West College policy states that all electronic communications conducted within this class are “ public " communications in the same way that classroom exchanges are public. You and your classmates are bound by the same principles of respect, professionalism, and concern, as you would find in any interaction in one of the College classrooms or offices. If you feel that these principles have been compromised in some way, contact me immediately. Student Learning 
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This note was uploaded on 09/28/2009 for the course PSYC 165 taught by Professor Chovan during the Spring '09 term at Golden West College.

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55398 SYLLABUS0 - WelcometoPSYCHOLOGY165(55398) Fall2009

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