11.24_Road to Civil War

11.24_Road to Civil War - 1 First Theme Four Plans a What...

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1. First Theme: Four Plans a. What to do with the territories gain in the war with Mexico?-Four plans for territories i. Wilmot Proviso 1. Democratic representative from Pennsylvania 2. Suggests that no territory acquired during this war shall be a slave state 3. This proposition is interesting because Democrats are becoming increasingly pro-Southern at this time 4. Why did Wilmot want to block the expansion of slavery? a. The Whigs and Northern Democrats support this proviso b. Passed in House, but not Senate (because it is 50/50 in Senate) c. Gets much support in Washington d. So the question is, why is Wilmot so supportive of this bill? Why did he support this if he was a Democrat? i. Potential for slave rebellion was quite possible in this unstable area where Spanish still had large presence ii. Would lead to domination of economy by large plantations iii. Wants to give territories to whites only iv. Most working class whites will not be able to move to the territories if slaves came to these territories 5. The Free-Soil Position favors this position 6. Note: Northerners who did not support the expansion of slavery were not
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11.24_Road to Civil War - 1 First Theme Four Plans a What...

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