11.17_1820s-30s - 1. Anti-Masons a. September 1826-...

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1. Anti-Masons a. September 1826- Chanadegwa, NY i. County Jail with stone mason William Morgan - Native of VA came north looking for work, and tried to join local Masonic lodge. Mason memberships were booming- White robes, mysterious symbols, books, Masonic aprons and tools, secret aspects in meetings. Memberships were closed, only open by invitation. Once in, you could precede up the hierarchy. Morgan claimed he was a mason, and wanted to join the local lodge. The lodge not only for brotherhood and friendship, but more importantly it was thought to be a good way to make connections and advance in your line of work. Masons were supposed to help each other out as much as they could. They became pretty powerful. All Presidents so far were masons. If you wanted to be successful, it was a good thing to find connections because the US economy was moving from Artisan to Industry. New factories began to be created ii. In 1824, the completion of Clinton’s Folly (Erie Canal) created a boom economy in Upstate NY. All along canal and feeder canals, prosperity and movement were created in this area. All these towns were experiencing change. iii. The change started with Irish immigrants to build canals. New people came up to feed the immigrants. As canal developed, new businesses moved in. Merchants came to sell products from NY down south. Factories sprung up, with new people leaving the farms and other jobs. Therefore, anchoring yourself into the
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11.17_1820s-30s - 1. Anti-Masons a. September 1826-...

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