11.12_Expanding AmericanandJackson Years

11.12_Expanding AmericanandJackson Years - 1. The...

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1. The whipping-machine a. In economic terms, a slave was like having a college education or owning a house b. In social terms, a slave gave whites a belonging 2. 4 main policy Goals- a. All are geared to supporting the expansion of the cotton economy in the south b. His attempts to implement these policies will leave first to boom and then to bust- roller coaster effect on the economy. This will produce the real two party system in America- Creates Whigs vs. Democrats c. Jackson believes that the US boundary with Mexico should be Texas- it was improperly surveyed and produced a vague statement about the boundaries. Texas is the next frontier for cotton. The fact that he wants to do that is one among many reasons why Americans living in Texas establish their independence in 1838? From Mexico d. Wants to negotiate down the tariff on imported goods which he and other southern cotton planters are discriminated against. Jackson and Calhoun contend that the tariff gives a special unearned benefit to the N.E. and hurts the south unfairly. They also claim that the tariff will produce trade arguments since 50% of exports were cotton
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11.12_Expanding AmericanandJackson Years - 1. The...

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